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Full Stack IT service

With 20 years of experience in IT we are your competent partner for it services, webservers, mailservers and nameservers.

Becoming your own internet service provider?

IT is evolving more rapidly than ever and while the systems are becoming more and more complex, being your own internet service provider has never been easier.

Would you like to sell webspace, then just rent a cloud server from another hosting company, including a control panel software like Plesk. In no time you'll receive an email with your access credentials - you're ready to start. A control panel is a graphical user interface that you access with your web browser and it hides all the complexity of the underlying system. You don't need special knowledge about hardware, operating systems, boot loaders, access restrictions and how to configure firewalls, web-, dns-, mail- or database servers. Everything is just one click away!

But wait, what is if ...

there is a problem? Well, then you're left in the lurch. Maybe you'll manage to find a hint after hours of searching on forums - your hoster just helps you with hardware issues.

Full Stack IT - the better choice!

Full Stack means know-how on many levels. Having a deep technical understanding, knowing what can go wrong, why and what to do to prevent it.

  • Appropriate usage of file systems, cloud storage and network resources while keeping data redundancy and availability in mind
  • What are the hardware limits and is my application able to scale? Multi-threading? Race conditions?
  • What's the difference between relational databases and nosql and what are they best suited for?
  • What security impacts does my software have and which layers of my stack are at risk the most?
  • User interfaces vs user experience - systems that can be used intuitively created with intertwining technologies
  • What are the current trends in IT and how can they take your business forward
  • ...
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